SOCKET OUTLET 16 A, 250 V, IP 44

Aluminium cable gland seals PG 16, cable Ø 11mm. The spring of the hinged cover is of stainless steel. Marine models with acid-resistant cover screws and nitrile rubber seals. RAL-7035 and Brown as standard.

Information about the color options

ColorFasteningWeightModelOrder no.Marine modelSocket3D/CAD files
RAL-70350,27515 101 EM24 018 51YesSCHUKO3D/CAD
RAL-70350,28515 201 EM24 018 52YesSCHUKO3D/CAD
RAL-70350,28515 301 EM24 018 53YesSCHUKO3D/CAD
Brown0,27515 10124 018 617229211SCHUKODownloadDownload3D/CAD
Brown0,28515 20124 018 627229212SCHUKO3D/CAD
Brown0,28515 30124 018 637229219SCHUKO3D/CAD


The RAL-7035 color series products meet the highest UV protection and corrosion requirements. All 7035 products are with acid-resistant cover screws and oil-resistant gaskets.


UPCOMING: IP68 Socket outlet for industry´s toughest enviroment for offshore use, interested, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

16A 230V 2P+E

Water proof and for Industry´s toughets enviroments. High quality material suitable against, dilute acid, oil, fat, alcal and tough use. Socket VDE-approval.
IMG 0811

Customer modification with RAL-7024:                  USB

2401857RAL 7024.erikois97240183XUSB

RAl-9007 modification:
972401851XX RAL 9016