FOREIGN SOCKET-OUTLETS, 13–16 A, 125–250 V, IP 44

We supply most of the internationally used socket-outlets. ­Aluminium cable gland seals PG 16. The spring of the hinged cover is of stainless steel. Marine models with acid-resistant cover screws and nitrile rubber seals. By special order, with M24 x 1.5 penetration threading according to the DIN 89280 standard. By special order, also available in switchgear models.

The RAL-7035 color series products meet the highest UV protection and corrosion requirements. All 7035 products are with acid-resistant cover screws and oil-resistant gaskets.

NEMA (USA/Canada), Britain, Australia, China, Belgium, France and many other also.

3D/CAD files

Complete list of Foreign Sockets-outlets with product no. pdf.   eg. NEMA versions, also RAL-7035 colored versions.


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