4700-serie frame

The shield frame is sold as an accessory for the 4700-series PL&LED luminaries. Installation on the luminaire frame.

Protects the luminaire and adds a nice finishing touch to the look. Material RST, 3mmx8mm. IK10 protection class as a minimum. The product is very robust against impacts from e.g. EUR-pallets.

Available as an accessory or pre-installed.

ModelDescriptionOrder no.Liitäntä3D/CAD files
Suojakehys-4700Shield frameH9430404xScrew3D/CAD
PL-4700 + SuojakehysPL-9W Light with shield frame IK1043 070 993D/CAD
LED-4700 + SuojakehysLED 3,1W with shield frame IK1043 071 933D/CAD
LED-4700 + SuojakehysLED 6,3W with shield frame IK1043 071 963D/CAD

4307090etusivu IMG 3066 4307090Valaisimella.Piirustus